April 2009:

Recording on the follow up to Ultimate Inferno has begun !

We have begun recording new material for our next album which should
easily surpass our first album in every aspect.

Most critics complaint about a lack of musical variety on Ultimate Inferno. ;-P
Since we're not just jerking ourselves off here and do listen to what metalheads say,
we'll take that into account and deliver more melody, more fretboard wizardry, a longer play time
and especially a wider range of ear thrashing metal!

Additionally we will consider adjustments to certain aspects of recording and mixing
which wasn't 100% as we wanted it to be.
And this time it won't take two years to finish... ;-)

So look forward to the best piece of ass kickin' thrash metal possible.

September 2008:

Manstopper on Myspace !

Just in case you're wondering why there's nothing going on
on this website. We shifted most of our activities from here
You can listen to 4 Songs in full length there.
Additionally, due to the economic downfall of this shitty planet,
we lowered the price for the album (which you can order
from 12,- to 8,- Euros + postage and packing.

So pay us a visit, will ya !!!

November 2007:

We're taking orders for the CD !

After remixing the album for more sound detail and punch,
having to cope with several annoying problems like the usual
legal stuff that goes with releasing your own music and some
technical difficulties related to CD-Audio-massproduction
we've finally come to an end !

Unfortunately we can only accept orders inside Germany at this moment.
Foreign orders coming soon.
Promised ! :-)

Press THE ORDER-BUTTON for details or click HERE!

April 2007:


This is it !

We'll be taking orders for the CD soon.
complete song for free and teasers of all other musical rampage of the album.

A word about the audio-quality of the CD:
We tried to preserve, as much as possible, the analogue or live feeling
of the the bandmembers using and abusing their instruments.
Compared to modern cold and rather sterile sounding album-productions of today,
this might sound a little unusual to the listener.

This is the real sound of the band. No more no less.
Nothing's digitally corrected or bended !

If you listen closely, you might find one or two (or maybe three ;-) ) glitches here and there.
This is absolutely what we wanted 'cause music should always be real and authentic.
Remember: This is no Nu-Metal ! This is stuff for old-schoolers ! :-)

You'd get the same impressions of the band if you'd see us live on stage.

And now push THE DOWNLOADS-BUTTON on the right or click HERE!

March 2006:

Ohhh Shit !!! More than two years and no update !
Sorry !

Doing a complete album all by ourselves took longer than expected ! ;-)
Especially since we've got things to do aside from the music.
The money's got to come from somewhere.....

The music's recorded and i am currently polishing the lyrics.
That means the vocals are still in production.
But the sound quality is already awesome !!!.

If you're looking for old school thrash with good grooves and melodies
that keep ringing in your head.... ;-)

Don't expect this to take another two years. ;-)
We are still working on the cover artwork.
This should look professional, right ?

If you check the menubar on the right you'll find some new buttons.
They're not yet connected but you'll be able to order the album,
look for gigs and put your shit into our forum very soon!

Btw: There were some issues with the Firefox Browser and this Website
in case you're wondering why you just had corrupted crap on your desktop....
Should work now. :-)

February 2004:

Redesigned the page and added the new and official bandlogo !
Added photographs of the bandmembers!
If you want to know how we look like, check the band-section!

January 2004:

Currently putting the finishing touches to the new song-material and adjusting the
old songs to 'modern' style without sacrificing the spirit:
This should sound like metal and not like the rubbish you hear everyday...
Trying to get the sound-quality and dynamics onto the harddisk without any loss. :)

Check back for more info and downloadable music in a couple of weeks!